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Hierbas Ibicencas (1l) - Familia Mari Mayans 


“Hierbas Ibicencas” is a traditional beverage, to enjoy in glass or shot, good company and a nice end for a lunch or a dinner. In Ibiza and Formentera is usual to find it like the invitation shot at every bar or restaurant you go.

Nowadays and due to the evolution in people habits, it’s mixed in professional cocktail lounges, also used as perfect partner in different mixed drinks.


The “Hierbas Ibicencas” liquor is elaborated following the handwritten recipes of Juan Marí Mayans, creator of liquor and founder of the first distillery. The family continues making them through artisanal methods, using the technological

advances of quality controls and production standards. The only noticeable difference from the first obtained liquor in the XIX century is by nowadays obtaining, the fire that nourishes the copper still is done from gas

burners, instead of wood and coal.


We can differentiate the elaboration processes in distillation, boiling, infusion and maceration. The beverages obtained by the optimal union of the distilled aromatic plants in the copper still, drop by drop, giving them all the care, selection and attention that every plant used requires.


Distillation: extraction of all the plants’ properties using vapour in the copper still in a period of 18 hours. Then, with refreshing the vapour with a serpentine, acquire the liquid state.


Boiling: putting the aromatic herbs in cauldrons containing boiling water.

Infusion: immersion of the plants in water previously heated and let them to rest during a determinate period of time.


Maceration: process in which the hydro alcoholic plant solutions that vary depending on the type of aromatic element, through periods oscillating between 15 days and a month and a half. Each process’ election is very important.

Final recipe is made of different percentages of each one, depending on characteristics of plants, like hardness (woody or not), humidity, properties and other factors.


Enjoy the beverage.

Hierbas Ibicencas "Rama"

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